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HydroCleaner Flask Model & Bulk Model

• On spot/site disinfectant production using HydroCleaner machine
• Delivering natural fragrance and refreshing atmosphere
• Can be used in a variety of cleaning & disinfecting applications
• Present machines have been pre-programed to deliver four basic disinfectant products for housekeeping (floor, kitchen, glass window and toilet). It can be customized with respect to consumers requirements
• It requires only a water supply and a regular domestic electrical socket
• Eco- & user-friendly, less expensive and can be operated by unskilled personnel
• It can be wall mounted or on a platform
• It requires minimal maintenance and only regular routine external cleaning
• Simple combination of pure salt and water, the product is eco-friendly and very safe to use.
• The return on Investment for customer in normal course could vary between 12 to 24 months for a hospital / hotel
• Different products can be obtained from one single unit

• The HydroCleaner machine of SNWI is equipped with 18 different pre-programmed concoctions for different disinfectants and can be customized for a range of purposes for surface cleaning & disinfecting locations as:
1. Floors, glass & walls in offices, hotels, hospitals, residential rooms, shopping malls & many more.
2. Degreasing in slabs of pantries & kitchens.
3. High disinfection in washrooms, toilets, bathing areas of all locations.
4. Flooring, glass & walls in hospital wards, corridors, ICUs, OTs, laboratories, etc.

Glass and table top cleaning & slightly degreasing / spray (with PH 8.5)

Disinfection & degreasing / spray used on Slabs of Pantries & Kitchens (150 PPM) (with PH 10.5)

Heavier disinfection / spray used for washrooms/ toilets, ICUs etc. (150 PPM)

Light disinfection / spray used for room floor surfaces (50 PPM)

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