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Swiss NeWater India Pvt Ltd – HydroClean

Swiss Newater Pro Flask

Eco-friendly technology

Swiss NeWater India aims to create more awareness about safe cleaning and disinfecting practices for a more sustainable future. HydroCleaner technology is an eco-friendly water technology that is a key step towards achieving the goal of safer, more economical and eco-friendly cleaning practices.


  • Consistent formulation dispensed always.
  • Cuts down the supply chain of Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Eliminates need for Cleaning and Disinfecting storage place.
  • Eliminates human and environmental hazards using environmental-friendly solutions.
  • Eliminates price fluctuation in input chemicals through in-house production
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat “Make In India” Initiative
  • Smart IOT machine.

Swiss Newater Pro Tank


Hospitals, Hospitality, Manufacturing (OEM), Malls, Automotive, Food Processing. Different formulations can be used on Glass (Non-critical – General area), Kitchen workplace, utensils/ equipment, floor, washroom area, laundry, floor – critical area, washroom area (Critical area), blood/infected surfaces, swimming pools and as hand sanitiser.

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