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Sweeping large surfaces efficiently

Low costs are the result of efficient cleaning processes, which in turn require appropriate equipment. Targeted investments in advanced technology are therefore the key to economic efficiency. It is clear to see the extent to which technical innovation is gaining ground, even in terms of auxiliary functions, when it comes to floor cleaning and care. In many cases, sweeping devices both for outdoors and indoors mean that labour-intensive, unpopular broom sweeping can be dispensed with. In general, larger connected areas such as corridors or storage and handling areas in workshops, warehouses and open-air areas are suitable for mechanical sweeping.

Several factors, which go hand in hand with the general modernisation of operations, are tending to broaden the possible range of potential uses for sweepers. Building projects have a particularly lasting impact: whether the operational area is being extended or the floor plan is being improved, both cases favour mechanical floor cleaning. The same effect can be achieved with an improved fixtures and fittings layout where machinery is grouped into blocks and there is a smooth network of paths and generous corridor widths.

Also, rising personnel costs, in particular in terms of ancillary wage costs, make labour-saving technology an attractive option. And finally, the device manufacturers are not short of innovative solutions that enable customers to make bespoke purchases. The only difficult task facing users is deciding which price and performance class to choose. The fussier the user is at this stage, the faster the purchase price will be a mortised as part of everyday operations.

Can a walk-behind sweeper do the job?

The decision as to what sweeper to purchase must be based on objective benefit criteria so that the expected productivity gains are actually realistic and achievable. When studying specifications and data sheets or testing a device, it is advisable to bear the following aspects in particular in mind.

– Good cleaning results, in particular also in problematic cases, such as heavily textured, grouted flooring or where the flooring is damaged (cracks, pot holes) and in areas close to edges (walls, fixtures).

– Dust-free work: the whirl-up of dust on the roller brush and the emission of dust from the waste container, via the exhaust air channel, must be ruled out.

– Ergonomics: the equipment operator is able to adopt a favourable working posture, a low level of exertion and, in particular with motorised equipment, undemanding operational procedures.

– Modest set-up requirements: effortless emptying of the waste container, easy filter cleaning, and speedy brush and filter changes.

– Robust design: the chassis and suspension and the housing should be able to cope well with knocks and collisions, and the inner working must be reliably protected.

The simplest and cheapest alternative to a street and floor broom is a walk-behind sweeper. As an example, a model is presented which can be purchased for less than 400 euros. Equipped with smooth mechanics and an ergonomically shaped push handle, the device makes work much easier compared to manual sweeping. The area coverage is impressive: at a speed of 4 km/h and with a working width of 48cm, it cleans approximately 2,000sqm an hour.

The height of the roller brush can be adjusted so that it can work effectively on any floor. The bristles are therefore able to powerfully clean any indentations. Impacts with bumps in the surface or obstacles hardly cause any wear on the device: the housing, made of impact-resistant plastic, free-floats, suspended on the frame.

The equipment operator is protected from dust clouds. The airstream created by the rotation of the brushes produces vacuum so that the dust is kept in the dirt container. And the return air passes through a filter which removes any small particles from it.

Sweeper Accessories

Accessories like roller brushes and filters help increase the efficiency of sweeper and extend the range of applications.

Polyamide brushes last three times longer than the conventional polypropylene brushes. Polyamide brushes can be used on both rough and smooth floor surfaces, which is a major advantage of most of Karcher’s customers in India. The applications include sweeping of industrial floors, railway platforms, retail facilities and chemical industry etc. Karcher’s roller brushes are water resistant and suitable for all surfaces. All sweepers are also equipped with universal side brushes for cleaning the sides and edges, which are robust and extremely durable.

Using the correct fine dust filter produces excellent cleaning results for both indoor and outdoor applications. We offer highly efficient filter systems. These include cleaning systems and washable materials which make them durable and affordable.

Walk behind sweepers can achieve excellent cleaning results with right accessories. Every machine can be adapted to suit the cleaning task using the soft, hard or antistatic brushes, a must for cleaning applications. By using the fine filters, the indoor air stays as clean by giving the best cleaning results for every application. Productivity increases and better utilisation of infrastructure is maintained.

Our Battery pack machines with on-board charger enable the batteries to be recharged at any power socket. Other optional accessories includes cabs, protective roofs lighting and rotary beacon for increased safety which make our machines more acceptable for public places like retails, railways, airports etc.

Indoor sweeping is more challenging in most of the cleaning applications, where the sound level of machines have to be in lower decibel by giving the operators and customers more acceptable for indoor sweeping. By proper deployment of sweepers for indoor sweeping, most of the customers can ensure safer, cleaner working atmosphere with clean air free from dust and dirt.

Specific sweepers for carpet cleaning is effective in removing dust and coarse dirt from carpets in one step. The special kit includes all components required for thorough carpet cleaning.

Venu Madhavan

National Manager-

Kärcher Cleaning Systems Private Limited (India)

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