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Buzil Rossari has already expanded to India and SAARC countries which have a great market. Its distribution partners are expanding to Tier II and Tier III cities now, to meet the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection requirement of each and every facility and industry. With the introduction of Food Safety requirements in India, Buzil Rossari is keen to play a very important role in ensuring “safe” food for all. The approach is not to fight on pricing but to deliver the best-in-class solutions. Karl Klaus, MD, Buzil-WERK Wagner GmBH & Co KG and Sumeet Verma, MD, Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd speak to Clean India Journal.

The Indian Cleaning Market

The Indian demand for cleaning, hygiene products, solutions and services is growing much faster than in other parts of the world. Here we find an industry structure much the same to that of Germany; the majority of businesses are privately owned small to medium enterprises with fast decision making capabilities. Our Joint Venture partner in India, Rossari shares the same values as we do as a family company. There is synergy between the two companies in terms of adding missing pieces to each side. Finally the high education and competence level within JV partner organisation as well as the availability of well-educated and motivated staff in India make it easier in getting started by sharing our experience and knowledge built on high quality levels and strong business management processes practised in Germany.

Recalling Downturn…

In any business, one has to face difficult times from time to time – nothing new about it. The question is, how organized are you and how fast you can react. Buzil has worked hard to better balance its businesses between Germany, regions like Eastern and Central Europe, MEA, and Private Label volumes for specific industries. If the organization has the right leaders and processes, the economic dips, one experiences are manageable within limits. The main subject is that the organization is ready for change and is built on strong and reliable processes – really our people are making the difference.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]Karl KiausIndia has been and still is a great learning for a German SME type family business. It also shows that it is fun getting to know other opinions, new approaches to master challenges and to learn from other cultures. The biggest learning for myself is SPEED; some companies in the old world have lost this strength. – Karl Klaus MD, Buzil-WERK Wagner GmBH & Co KG



Quality Oriented Approach…

Our strategy is not to fight on pricing; this is true in any of the global markets we operate successfully. Everywhere we find providers of low cost local products. But this is not what customers need when they have to compete within their own industry, i.e. hospitality business. Our customers demand top quality products which enable them to generate superior and sustainable cleaning solutions. Extensive services, such as deep professional application knowledge, employee training through seminars, correct dosing and retention of the quality will generate competitive advantages through cost efficiency in cleaning and hygiene. Low cost providers are mostly unable to deliver such service concepts and application know how.

Providing Eco-friendly and Sustainable Solutions…

Environment protection is part of our values and product development philosophy – it is not a one-off marketing campaign for us. For Buzil, sustainability is an ongoing effort to find the best possible balance between ecology, economy and social aspects. Buzil has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since august 1996 and has consequently implemented a functional quality management system for more than 15 years. Certification of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 was first achieved in 2002 and is now in its 12th year.

Environmental protection and sustainability is an integral part of our R&D policy. We drive for low environmental impact and high performance and biodegradability according to OECD 3013 methodologies. In addition to these processes, Buzil announced its first “Eco-labelled” product more than 20 years ago under the product family name. Planta products enjoy an increased growing volume trend overall and even more in some markets, like Europe and UAE. As soon as customers demand so called “green solutions”, Buzil is well prepared to provide the answers. Again when customers demand grows, Buzil-Rossari will be ready and prepared to deliver.

Futuristic Plans…

Our future plans are to follow our strategy and expand the business only in selected countries or regions. For instance, we are enjoying good business growth in the UAE and use this as hub into some GCC states. In India, we would first continue and learn the market as well as stabilizing our current position. We are in the process to segment various industries in more details and continue to build up our service capabilities around distinct customer demand. Product quality comes first, an outstanding team of employees second – in this order we will be able to satisfy todays customers as well as to winning new opportunities. In five years we have hopefully achieved our set business plans as well as being a well-known established brand in the cleaning and hygiene market in India.

[box type=”shadow” ]SUMEET VERMAWith the launch of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by our Prime Minister on the occasion of the Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on October 2, we expect that “Cleaning India” effectively, efficiently and economically will be a priority.

– Sumeet Verma
Managing Director, Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd


Winning Customers’ Loyalty

Buzil and Rossari has highly synergised relationship. Buzil brings German technology, service differentiators, technical services, knowledge sharing and Rossari offers excellent manufacturing capabilities, core competence in textile & laundry chemistry, quality control and immaculate supply chain commitment. Buzil Rossari has a pan India presence and within a year, the flagship customers in Indian hospitality, healthcare, facility management and other industries have signed long term contract with us. Customers like Hyatt, Surekleen, the Fern, Supershine, Club Mahindra, CBRE, JLL, Impressions etc have been our real brand ambassadors. Services, Products and Exemplary consultancy are the three basic pillars of Buzil Rossari. Having said that, our people (including our distribution partners) are the most important differentiators. They have been successful in winning customers’ loyalty within no time. Buzil Rossari is conducting round the year on-site customer engagement programmes in various cities where the specialists of QC, R&D and application technology share the leading edge technologies which have been developed by us. Providing and demonstrating solutions in the challenging areas have helped our customers to maintain the longevity of the substrate they wish to clean.

Awareness & Training

Our services start from the survey of the property, discussion with the user-group, demonstration, use of correct quantity and products, training, do’s and don’ts, designing frequency, reviewing result and business expectations. Our customers are trained in our factory, R&D & QC labs apart from the various trainings which are imparted on-site. The dosing equipment for the correct use of products and quantities are also installed at the customers’ site so that the right amount of the products are used without any manual intervention. It further helps in maintaining high level of safety standards. We share a lot of training programme electronically as well for our customers and even those who are not!

Buzil Rossari has firm belief that our people, committed distribution partners, key opinion leaders of various Industries and Institutions and 108 years of success in European market will help surpass the market expectations in terms of product quality and services. Rossari’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Silvassa adds immense value in meeting customer’s requirement in real quick time. In the last four months, the focus and awareness on cleaning and hygiene has increased manifold. With the launch of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by our Prime Minister on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on October 2, we expect that “Cleaning India” effectively, efficiently and economically will be a priority and here comes Buzil-Rossari with tremendous knowledge of cleaning chemistry and high level of service commitments.

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