Friday , 29 May 2020
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Sustainable Solution for Car Wash

3M India Pvt Ltd chemical wash solution for cars has biodegradable wetting agents, surfactants, degreasers and lubricants which help in removal of dirt, mud, hard dust, bird drops, oil, grease and to most extend tar marks, bug splatters and tree saps from exterior automotive painted surfaces without creating scratches on the surface. The Dry wash is readily biodegradable over 80% as per OECD 301 B standard and helps to save water use for car wash up to 99%.

Water based chemical for washing cars without use of external water is suitable for painted surfaces which is normally difficult to clean without high pressure water, which uses approximately 100 litres per car.


  • Saves water usage for car wash up to 99%
  • No need of separate wash bay
  • Product very well fits for door step wash services and compact service modelswhich does not have dedicated wash bays or water treatment plants
  • Compatible with automotive parts and components like paint, plastic, metals and rubber parts
  • Time taken is less when compared to water wash
  • Works well and effortlessly removes even bird drops
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