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Sustainable and cost-effective? Possible!

This is the story of how Organica Biotech Pvt Ltd’s OB Care FlushFree™ Urinal Care Program eliminated washroom odour and drain clogging without the need for expensive refits or harsh air care solutions.

The Case: A reputed commercial bank, as part of its corporate policy of Sustainable Programmes that included ‘Saving Water’, implemented a series of initiatives to meet its objective. The team identified all areas where water was being used and implemented several techniques to consume less water. It started with changing the nozzles of all taps, which would in turn dispense less water, thereby reducing consumption. To further reduce wastage, infrared sensor taps were installed in all wash basins.

The other area of major water consumption was in the washroom urinals. To save water here, the team installed waterless urinals with a cartridge system.

However, as time passed, the waterless urinals started emitting foul odour. To combat this, they installed air freshener dispensers, used aerosol sprays and washroom air fresheners, inside and outside the washrooms. Not only were a lot of fragrances introduced to get rid of odour, but it also increased their expenses and caused indoor pollution due to harmful VOCs being emitted by these fragrances.

They also realised that the urinal drain lines were getting clogged due to uric acid deposit build-up in the pipelines. This normally happens when using cartridge-based waterless urinals, leading to the urinal residue remaining in pipelines due to absence of water.

OB Care channel partner was approached to resolve this and he advised them to implement OB Care Water Saving Solutions to help solve the problems they were facing.

The Solution: OB Care team inspected the washrooms and also understood the existing cleaning SOP and the waterless mechanisms. The client was advised to implement the OB Care FlushFree™ Urinal Care Program. OB Care Water Saving Solutions comprise FlushFree Urinal Spray and Urinal Drain Cleaner, which are the main products and Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator and Toilet Bowl Cleaner as supportive products.

The FlushFree Urinal Care Program is designed to convert any urinal into waterless without the need for expensive hardware changes. The FlushFree technology is carefully designed to neutralise urine residue, using a scientific concoction of plant-derived medicinal oils and highly effective enzymes that break down urine residue at all the sites of accumulation, thereby eliminating odour at its source. The proprietary plant-derived surfactant blend ensures 99.9% germ removal and 24×7 maintenance of hygiene.

As a pilot, the client tried out the products in a single washroom having six urinals for 15 days. The team continued to visit the bank to ensure that the SOP was being followed as per norms.

After about 6-7 days, clogging issues were resolved. The odour emanating from the drains stopped and they were not required to use fragrances to control the odour.

The Result: The FlushFree Urinal Care Program enabled cost reduction by avoiding the expensive infrastructure of waterless urinals that are hard to maintain and have failed to solve odour problems and clogging issues. Harsh chemicals from air fresheners were also not required. After the pilot of 15 days, OB was handed over all the remaining washrooms to implement the same program.

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