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Sustainability is the key to market growth and longevity

“As a company we have grown to take sustainability very seriously.

It is good and encouraging to see that the industry as a whole is also walking up to the importance of sustainability. India too is conscious of the importance of sustainability, but you have your own concerns and resource issues like water usage, availability and energy usage, which is critical,” Said Greg Bell, Director, Global External Communications, JohnsonDiversey. The company introduced four of its new products at the recent ISSA/Interclean show at Amsterdam.

“While everyone is now jumping onto the sustainability bandwagon, we differentiate ourselves from all. Sustainability for us is about the environment and about human health and safety. These two have to go hand in hand and it is very critical that these be treated as a business strategy. It should also be a corporate responsibility in every company. It is about People, profit and planning. For us sustainability is about preserving the planet, protecting lives and transforming the industry.

Pro speed is an integrated, floor-finish applicator system and is ideal for building service contractors and other cleaning professionals in retail, healthcare and educational facilities.” The machine is ergonomically safe for people to use, lowers stress on the back, and is fast and easy to use. The product has environmental features like a pouch, which can be disposed once we are done with it.

The new Taski Swingo 1650 Taski is the largest machine we have introduced. Floorcare machine operators cleaning large areas can benefit from this machine as it has a tank that cleans upto 2500 sqmts with one fill. The battery too has a huge capacity with about 40% extra life. An ideal weight balance and sensitive speed control make the machine easy to manoeuvre as well.

Taski JFfit is an onboard dilution control system that automatically feeds the right amount of chemicals for whatever application you are doing with the water in the tank. Professional cleaners can reduce costs and increase cleaning performance.

“Finally, Taski Swingo, 150, the new ultra compact scrubber. It is like a vacuum cleaner, is convenient and allows you to get into small areas.”

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