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Surfacide technology to combat HAIs

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) recently included the Surfacide Helios Ultraviolet C (UV-C) disinfection system to its cleaning protocol as part of its continuous effort to battle HCAIs. The Helios system is a triple-emitter UV-C hard surface disinfection system that wipes out multi-drug resistant organisms in the patient environment.

RMCH is the first hospital in the UK to join other leading healthcare systems worldwide that are turning to Surfacide Helios UV-C technology. This is thought to be the only UV-C system to use three light emitting towers to safely and effectively disinfect all areas of a hospital room including tough-to-reach areas such as are found in bathrooms.

UV-C light has long been used to disinfect drinking water and at targeting the DNA of microorganisms, leaving them unable to infect and replicate. The Helios system is different because it introduces three UV-C energy emitting towers in the patient environment versus other systems that only use one. The triple emitter decreases the range to contaminated surfaces thereby reducing disinfection time and improving overall efficiency.


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