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Altret Industries Pvt Ltd has come up with TRENDS APS, a concentrated effective cleaning & sanitizing solution; helps to protect against germs, tough stains and disease. After cleaning & sanitizing gives pleasant and refreshing smell. The multi-purpose formula is safe for all kind of hard surface like floors, kitchen platforms, marble, granite tiles, ship etc.


  • Within 30 second, kills 99.9% of the germ
  • Attacks and kills both bacteria Escherichia coli and Bacillus spp.
  • Sanitizes after cleaning
  • Pleasant and refreshing smell
  • Quickly removes tough stain
  • Safe for ceramic, marble, granite, platforms, tiles etc.
  • pH balancing formula no side effect on any hard surface.
  • Safe for use and non-Toxic for handling.
  • Kills 10 times more germs than phenyl.

Solar Panel Cleaner

02Altret Industries Pvt Ltd has come up with TRENDS Solo Clean  specially designed for cleaning solar panels quickly and easily. Solo Clean can significantly improve energy output of a PV solar electric system or a solar concentrator system. Solar panels need to be clean and free of debris to produce maximum energy. Solo Clean proprietary formula causes water to sheet away to minimize spots and leaves a coating which keeps dirt from sticking to the panels for several months.


  • Environment friendly,biodegradable
  • Increases electrical output.
  • Increases panel life.
  • Effectively removes dust and stain on daily basis


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