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Mumbai-based Alpha Products in its surface cleaning range of products has SUMO-D, a machineware liquid detergent concentrate, and SUMO-RINSE, a machineware rinse aid.

SUMO-D is an automatic dishwashing liquid suitable for complete removal of oily soils; thus ensuring fast wetting and good detergency with foam always kept under control. SUMO-RINSE, on the other hand, is a low-foaming rinse aid with excellent wetting and drainage qualities that leave the surface spot-free and sparkling.

Both the solutions can be used with the dosing pump or manually. In manual dosing the dilution ratio would be 3ml to 4ml in one litre of water which is added to the water tank. In automatic dosing, machine manufacturer instructions can be followed or a dosing pump can be used. After every major cycle the wash tank water has to be changed. SUMO-D and SUMO-RINSE are not suitable for aluminium surfaces.

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