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Delhi-based Partek Smart Cleaning Systems has come out with a fine abrasive cleaner – Partek Magic Pad which works just like an eraser. The pad is economical, chemical-free and is effective in removing dirt marks and stains from surfaces.

The abrasive cleaner is user-friendly as it does not require chemical and one can clean any surface with a wet pad.


• Cleaning walls, glass windows, tables, laminated partitions and metal cabinets

• Removing oxidation – rust marks from stainless steel items like sinks and utensils

• Cleaning fatty and scummy deposits of shower screens, ceramic tiles, bathtubs

and fiber glass surfaces, general grime on walls, tables, light switches, plastic

venetians, showers and kitchen table tops

• Removing tea and coffee stains on cups, sinks, leather, vinyl, permanent

marker ink on whiteboards, adhesive residues on filing cabinets, kick marks

on vinyl and leather upholstery in cars, luggage, furniture knock-marks in

motels, hotels and homes

• Cleaning finger-prints, crayons and other children scribbling on walls at home

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