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Arrow Greentech Ltd’s, TDS – Ecoconpack Desengrasante is an effective cleaning agent for degreasing.


  • Liquid, brown in color, with characteristic scent
  • Density at 20ºC : 1.12 ± 0.01g/ml
  • pH at 1% : 12.5 ± 0.5


  • Especially formulated to meet the EU ecological eco label standards to ensure a high environmental protection by analyzing the life cycle of the product (selection of raw material, packaging, production, application, residues, etc.) and monitoring its implementation effectiveness.
  • Synergetic combination of surfactants, alkaline salts, solvents, dispersing and sequestering agents.
  • High detergent and degreasing action in cold water conditions on all type of grease, oils and burnt-on deposits (wine, starch, proteins, etc.).
  • Its dispersing agents keep soil in suspension, prevent re-soiling and provide surfaces with an excellent level of cleanliness.
  • Suitable for the cleaning of all surfaces including stainless steel, smoke extractors, fryers, worktops, floors, ovens, iron, floors and even industrial equipment.
  • High sequestering power. Equally suitable for all water conditions (soft, medium or hard). Water hardness has no influence on the product’s properties nor does it diminish its performance.
  • Avoids lime build-up on treated surfaces.
  • Easy to rinse. Does not leave bad odors or bad aftertastes on the cleaned surfaces and so avoids possible food contamination.
  • Highly concentrated product ensures excellent results.
  • Product packed in sustainable bags, ECOCONPACK SYSTEM which minimizes plastic waste and occupational hazards arising from handling of chemical products.

Environmental information:

  •  Phosphorus content (%P) : 0%
  • The surfactants in this product comply with UE rule on biodegradability 648/2004, Detergents.

Compatibility with materials :

  • Do not apply on surfaces of aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel and its alloys.
  • Do not apply on paint and methacrylates.
  • Compatible with stainless steel surfaces (AISI 304 or 316).

If in doubt, test compatibility before a longer usage.

Ecolabel register Number: ESCAT/ 020/010.


Applications will vary according to the dosing system: WITH SUPER-C DOSING SYSTEM, SUPER-C dosing system and VENTURI SYSTEM.

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