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Surat becomes first city in Gujarat to get SBM Water Plus City certification

Surat becomes first city in Gujarat to get SBM Water Plus City certification

Under Swachh Survekshan 2021 by the Ministry of Urban Housing and Development

The new category of water plus certification was introduced in Swach Survekshan 2021, and its guidelines and norms were declared in May 2020.

SMC officials said that the motive behind water plus protocol guidelines was to ensure no untreated wastewater should be released into the environment and it should be scientifically treated before release.

According to the guidelines, wastewater should be scientifically treated before being released. At least 25 per cent of treated wastewater should be reused (in horticulture, fountain air cleaning, industrial use, etc.). There should be well-developed drainage connections in the residential, industrial and commercial areas of the city. The drainage system and storm drainage system should be regularly cleaned and the cleaning of septic tank, manual scavenging should be prohibited. The wastewater should be processed at Sewage treatment plant (STP) and income sources should be generated through STP.

Surat Municipal Commissioner B N Pani said, “The water plus certification is given on the basis of the above parameters and third party field inspection. As per the report sent by the third-party agency, 92 locations — 12 open areas, 40 public toilets, 12 open roads, 12 standalone urinals and 16 water treatment plants — were inspected.”

He added, “During the Covid-19 pandemic, all the parameters of water plus protocols were followed and even the documentations were successfully submitted by us. Today, Surat Municipal Corporation has been declared as a water-plus certification city — among four other cities across the country and the only city in Gujarat. ”

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