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SUPERVAK 76SN Tristadio Heavy Duty Dust Collector


• Ideal vacuum cleaner to connect to medium sized grinders
• Suitable for all works on big quantity of fine dust vacuuming
• Patented Self Cleaning System
• Works continuously without; no need to stop to dismantle/ clean filters
• Longopac system
• Two independent and detachable motors can be used as small vacuum cleaners
• Secondary filter to protect motor in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters
• Available with cartridge filters (standard) or polyester filter
• Anti-tipping frame
• Big wheels for easy transport
• In the “N-series” models the Self-Cleaning System is activated exchanging the positions of the suction pipe


Motor: 2x1400W
Depress. Max (mm H2O): 2450
Volt: 110/220
Hertz: 50/60
Amp: 16
Filter surface (cm2): 28000
Air flow max (m3/h): 400
Tank capacity: bag
Dimensions (LxAxP cm): 83x149x62
Weight: 74kg

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