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Sunbeam Facilities-Total Support Services

In today’s competitive scenario, organizations are geared to maximize returns while minimizing investments. It is from efficient productivity and the savings thereby accrued that gains are generated. Savings can either be direct or indirect in terms of time and effort spent by corporate team. To channelize all available resources towards the core competency of the business, it is important to have a comprehensive corporate service provider, who renders dependable administrative support and service systems. Young first generation entrepreneur Ajay Deshpande, Managing Director, Sunbeam Facilities, who has redefined his business strategy in tune with the change, explains his success model.

What differentiates Sunbeam as a professional service provider rather than a contractor?

While labour dominates the service business, it is not just limited to housekeeping but also other services requiring skill and quality. The Professional Support Services we offer to clients, enhances their work performance, standards and delivery. All services, including Manpower Outsourcing, Corporate Support Services, Fleet Management, Facilities’ Services, Corporate Guesthouse Management, Surface Transportation, Logistics, Property Management and others, are provided as a comprehensive package enabling clients source multiple services from a single vendor.

Value addition to these services comes in, when the client is able to source all his requirements from a single vendor instead of looking for or dealing with 10 different vendors.

A single vendor supporting the client’s business becomes a support service partner, as he has a better understanding of the culture and needs; hence service delivery is much faster and appropriate, when compared to services from multiple vendors.

Again, for clients in the logistics segment, where manpower is the backbone and timely delivery essential, our skilled manpower ensures value addition by meeting required deadlines.

One of our clients, a major fast food MNC, for whom we provided delivery boys for a football match event, registered a 35% increase in sales. Our skilled and trained staff who had been deployed on the field, ensured timely delivery to consumers, resulting in value addition for our client. We were acclaimed for this contribution made to the company’s sales and took us to a different level of Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS).

Thus, while as a contractor we provide skilled and trained manpower, as a support service partner outsourced by the client, we take on the responsibility of adding value and increasing the profit zone of the client.

Outsourcing of services is an investment made by the client in terms of people and specialized work. We become the source of skilled manpower, generated through constant training that we provide onsite. This also allows the client to absorb some of the bright ones. We ensure that these workers are consistent and continue working for a period of time.

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