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Sumeet Group Enterprises: On the Fast Track to the Top

Focussed Future

Summit Salunke, Vice-Chairman of Sumeet Group

Reiterating its legacy in upholding the values instilled and understanding that ‘business is about our people’, Summit Salunke, Vice-Chairman of Sumeet Group, is set to “transform the enterprise into a large conglomerate”.

With revenue targets at ₹3500 crore, workforce at 100,000 people, establishing the Group as an MNC with presence in other APAC countries, entering B2C services and building state-of-the-art training centres in all four zones and to be in top three companies in Security, Facilities & Environmental Services in India, Summit is continuously on the move.

“Sumeet Group Enterprises along with its various international partners will participate in various State & Central Government Projects like City Cleaning, Safe City, Smart City, Digital Transformation, Emergency Services and ITMS.

“The joint ventures will bring the latest technology & services expertise to India. We will set up indigenous models for Manufacturing & Operating these businesses in India to support our Prime Minister’s Make in India Mission,” explained Summit.

Carrying with him his global expertise, Summit has evolved business strategies, planned new projects’ development and business integration initiatives of the Group in tune with the vision of the company.

Enumerating some of the latest acquisitions and partnerships, he mentioned about, “Urbaser Spain that will work in City Cleaning & Waste Management Projects; Grupo SSG Spain will work in emergency medical services, i.e. Dial 108 projects; OST USA will work in emergency response services, i.e. Dial 112 projects; Dahua Technology China will work in digital transformation, safe city & smart city projects; Elkoplast Czech Republic will work for environmental conservation products & equipment manufacturing; FactoryMind AI Norway will work in industrial automation & artificial intelligence projects; and MAGO Poland will work for manufacturing retail storage equipment & shop fittings.”

True to Sumeet Group Enterprises’ core competence of
“Making it possible”, the Salunkes are out to explore “The Power of Infinity”.

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