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Streak-free Glass Cleaning

Glass surfaces is one of the most preferred materials, be it for built structures or for interiors. However, even one spec of dirt or a streak of water residue can spoil the look and feel of glass surfaces.

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd’s Profiglass G 522 effectively solves problems when it comes to interior glass surfaces. The streak-free drying formulation is just one of the many advantages of using this product with a spray and wipe technique to clean any glass surface. Additionally, Profiglass can also be used to clean door frames as well as plastic and car windows.

One of the biggest advantages of Profiglass is the anti-soiling effect that it provides to any surface on which it is used. Profiglass has been acknowledged to have reduced required glass maintenance by a significant amount, leading to time and man-hour savings – a boon when it comes to managing any large property. Furthermore, many operators have reported the utility of using spray bottles which allow for spot deposition of the cleaner to get rid of greasy or solidified deposits.

In addition to providing chemicals, Buzil-Rossari has also invested in good cleaning practices for its customers. The Centre for Excellence provides training to customers to ensure that their surface is always maintained the right way and that the chemicals and the methods of application is aligned perfectly.

The Buzil-Rossari Centre for Excellence has also shared a few important tips:

Clean from Top to Bottom

If you really want your window or mirror to be streak free, clean from top to bottom. This ensures there are no drops on the surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Use a Squeegee

Using a squeegee makes it effortless to polish each section of the window. A long-handled squeegee is a must for doing tall windows, and it will do double duty in cleaning shower walls as well.

Clean corners with cotton swabs

No matter how hard you try, residue seems to build-up in the corners of the glass. It can be very difficult to get to that residue unless you have the right tool. Try using a cotton swab to clean those hard to reach areas of the windows in your home.

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