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Sticky RollerPeelable Sticky Mats from Singapore India Trade Resources Co are low density PE and acrylic adhesive, highly recommended where cleanliness control is critical.

Colour : Blue.
Size : 24×36” & 26×45”
Layers : 30 Layers/Mat with numbered corner taps
for easy monitoring of usage
Packing : 30 Sheets/Mat, 8 Mats/Case

Suitable to use in clean room, semi-conductor processing/assembling room, hospital, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical laboratories, computer, electronic, precision etc.

Sticky MatsDisposable Sticky Mat is composed of 30 layers of disposable sheets. Collected dust do not spread away. Adhesive material is specially selected prevent from making any stain on the floor. Polluted layer can also easily peeled off. Mat can be used with or without frame and cat can be easily replaced with new one after use on the frame. Tapered frame enables easy traffic and strong adhesiveness ensures collecting dust and particles of shoe soles and cart-wheel by passing over mat

• Clean and dry the floor and place the mat on the floor.
• Peel off the bottom protective plastic from Sticky Mat and place it on the ground and it gets fixed firmly. Once fixed firmly one cannot remove the mat.
• Peel off the top layer where you can see the numbering and start using the mat.
• Peel of the fully polluted surface and a new surface will be revealed.
• Peel off sheets one by one as polluted – 1 to 30 sheets – replace with a new mat after using last sheet.

Electronic precision industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Computer room, Semiconductor assembly room, Hospital operation room, Chemical, medical laboratories, places which requires clean effect Characteristics

CIJ 10/08-459

Multi Layer Sticky Rollers clean dust from surfaces and clothing. Roller surface is peelable PE clear film. The hand held Sticky Roller is used for cleaning smaller surface areas. It is available only in a 3mil clear polyethylene film 9”, 12” or 18” wide on a 1½” core. The hand held Poly Sticky Roller is used for smooth surfaces. The Sticky Roller has perforated sheets. When each sheet is contaminated, it is simply peeled off to uncover a clean sheet. The refill slides on and off the 1½” core handle.

The features include resilient foam surface, plastic core, easy sheet removal and convenience in handling.

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