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  •  The new steam cleaner SG 4/4 from Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd will replace the existing DE 4002 and sets a new highlight in company’s steamer range together with the new steam vacuum cleaners SGV 6/5 and SGV 8/5. The steam cleaner represents a powerful and economic cleaning solution for professional use.


  • Health-protecting and cost-saving cleaning solution without chemicals (kills 99,999 % bacteria1).
  • Excellent cleaning results thanks to four bar steam pressure.
  • Interruption-free operation up to one hour with 2-tank-system and more than 4lt fresh water capacity.
  • Convenient operation and transportation due to compact design and low weight of 8kg.


Cleaning of common dirt as well as oil- or grease-containing contaminations or wax in hotels, restaurants and canteens, food processing companies (e.g. butcheries), catering providers, wellness and sanitary areas, cleaning of shelves, fresh food counters, refrigerating rooms, textiles and upholstery.

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