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Stealth-View’s concept of FM

Mumbai based Stealth-View has introduced a new concept in Facility Management by offering comprehensive service solution. Speaking to CIJ, Subhash Kshatri Director of Stealth-View, said, “We are not going to outsource or sub contract services but provide them in-house whether it is security services, building maintenance or front office management. We will also be providing value added services like car fleet management – consultation services, right from choosing the right car, giving service system to fleet management support like accident management and tyre-battery management.”

Launched in 2008, Stealth-View has expertise in ESS (Electronic Surveillance and Security) systems and has done 100 installations in six months.

Kshatri said, “We have tied-up with international company to provide solutions, especially in the security systems.” He further adds, “We are also starting feminine hygiene care services. The whole idea is cost-effective. There are many companies in this market but we will be offering something different. There will be specialised trained team looking into the actual operations.”

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