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Staircase polishing machine for polishing inaccessible areas

Oscillating property covers edges and corners alike

Soma Specialities Pvt Ltd’s Staircase Polishing Machine TID-XS is an oscillating polisher which can be used to polish staircases and even counter tops and table tops. This machine is extremely compact for polishing in smaller areas where heavy duty machines cannot reach due to their size.


  • Being rectangular in shape, it ensures that even the corners of the rooms or staircases are not left unpolished like with round-headed polishing machines.
  • The machine can be held from the base for polishing in smaller areas, and with a long handle where the operator cannot reach, such as in washrooms.
  • It weighs only 10.5 kg, for comfort of handling.
  • When used with the revolutionary Flexis® technology pads from KGS Switzerland, can achieve mirror finish on the toughest to polish marble surfaces without the use of any harmful and toxic polishing chemicals.
  • It saves properties from highly labour intensive tasks and yet provides superior polishing results within a fraction of the time used by conventional methods.
  • Most ideally suitable for hotels which are looking to polish their marble staircases and countertops. As their floors are polished to achieve mirror finish, leaving behind unpolished marble staircases would not be ideal. For such applications, the machine is the best alternative to hand polishing of staircases.
  • Single disc scrubbers can be too big to rest on the staircases and would still leave the corners unpolished due to their round shape, whereas the oscillating movement of this machine will cover the edges and corners alike.
  • Being faster than all other processes, it saves on time and labour costs, in addition to the natural colour of the marble by enhancing its gloss levels.
  • Even facilities management companies and marble polishing contractors can use these machines to provide superior and faster services to their clients looking to maintain the gloss levels on their staircases.
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