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Stainless Steel PolishALPHA-SP P7 from Alpha Products is a tailor made ready to use polish for maintenance of stainless steel. It protects against grease and grim and leaves the surface with a bright finish.

Stainless steel lifts, fridge doors and other equipment of stainless steel
Heavily soiled surfaces should be pre-cleaned. Spray polish on surfaces and polish off with a clean soft cloth. It is recommended that after use, the hands need to be rinsed with soap and dried. Also the product is not to be used on surfaces with food contacts.
Pack Size: 5lt
Nature: Neutral

Carpet Shampoo
Carpet ShampooAlpha-CS CS02 Carpet Shampoo is a high foaming condensed lather-cleaning product for effective soil penetration. It has excellent detergency and anti-static properties. It loosens and lifts out embedded dirt, oil, grease and stains leaving no gummy residue, and makes the carpet soft. It can be used in foam genetor machines. Safe for fibres.

Directions for use
Dilution ratio: Regular use 250ml in 10lt of water (2.5%)
Heavy Soiling: 900ml in 10lt of water (9%)
Use with carpet shampooer /foam generator machine and then vacuum to remove dust
For sensitive skin, use gloves. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
Pack Size : 5lt; Nature : Neutral

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