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Stain remover for restaurants and kitchens

Releases carbon stains from aprons and napkins

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Ensuring your uniform looks clean and professional isn’t just about feeling fresh. Customers look to the chef not only for good style but also for food safety. So coming into work every day with a clean and ready-to-go chef’s coat or apron that has been properly washed and free of stains is key.

But keeping that coat looking white and stain-free can be a challenge, especially if you are a line cook. Now, whether the coat is 100% cotton or a polyester/cotton blend, it is easy to keep it looking great using Buzil Rossari Private Limited’s Ross Magic.

The oven areas are the main kitchen workhorses. After months of roasting and baking, the oven and nearby areas tend to get fairly grimy. Oven use can lead to spills, splatters, smoke and scorching, and these combine to create a layer of burned dirt on the surfaces. While working in such a messy area, it is impossible to keep the coat clean.

Ross Magic is a blend of surfactants with the power to release carbon stains from your aprons and napkins. This can be used during prewash or in the main wash of fabric. When combined with the main wash detergent, it enhances soil removal from heavily soiled wash goods by affecting the soil-fibre interaction as well as by saponification of fatty soil. It is a specially formulated product that penetrates fabrics rapidly for easy removal and helps to clean fabric surfaces as well as inside effectively.


  • A unique blend of surfactants to remove carbon/black stains from white fabric
  • Effective removal of carbon/black stains from F&B napkins and chef coats

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