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Spruce Up Industries Pvt. Ltd.- Jatayu

Technical Specifications

• Patent Pending Cyclone Velocity Technology
• Air Velocity in Hose: 5000 Feet Per Minute (Equivalent to Type One Cyclone)
• Engine: 0.952 L / 17.7 BHP
• Operation range: 8 Hours continuous
• Re-Usable Garbage Ezee Bag Capacity: 500 Liter Compacted Garbage
• Actual Bag Volume: 325 Liter
• Garbage Type: Dry & Wet

Hose: 8 Inch Diameter, 20 Feet length, Polyurethane with optional 25 Feet extensions

Boom: 8.85 Feet Length, 6 Feet Ground Clearance

Handle: 3 Point support ergonomic handle with 2 castor wheels

Body: Rugged heavy built full metal chassis with military grade sound proofing

Air Filtration

Standard Option: 100 Micron bag reusable filter

Cartridge Option: 10 Micron 500 Sq. Ft. reusable filter

Key Features

• Electric Key Start
• Engine Controller Unit with LCD display
• In-Built GPS Tracking System with Web & App support
• Re-Usable Garbage Ezee Bag
• 45 Seconds quick bag change
• Spill tray of 50 Liter for over spills of liquids from wet garbage
• Free Rotating Boom – goes over parked cars and obstructions
• Attractive amber yellow rotating beacon tale lighting


The machine can be mounted on several options including Mini truck for small streets, railway wagon for cleaning railways, on trailers to connect with tractors, small boats to clean river banks.


Jatayu – The Ultimate Swachhata Machine, is designed to clean all types of litter (Dry/Wet) from diverse Indian scenarios – street side, highway side, rail track side, river side. Made in India – Made for India, this machine is highly operator friendly and can be used by villages and smart cities alike. Its noise suppressed, high air velocity and small form factor allows it to work day and night and can tackle various types of Indian garbage in the narrowest of lanes. The garbage gets collected in a reusable easy bag which can handle 500 liters of compacted garbage. With 45-second bag change cycle the machine can fill as many bags as the platform permits. Mounted on a trailer, the machine can fill as many as 50 bags. On a rail wagon, it can even fill a container. The machine is designed with contact-free fan technology where the garbage never comes in contact with the suction fan, hence giving a continuous operation time.

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