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Specialized Liquid Pre-Soaker for Kitchens Removes grease, carbon and food residues

In the world of sustainable solutions, Diversey places environmental responsibility at the forefront of its strategic approach. It is committed to delivering eco-friendly options that not only benefit the planet but also provide a competitive edge.

One such innovation from Diversey is the Suma Carbon Remover K21+, a liquid pre-soaker meticulously designed to excel in the removal of grease, carbon, and food residues from baking trays, pots, and pans.

What sets this specialized formula apart is its safety and versatility. It can be used on all soft metals and coated wares, including anodized and Teflon-coated items, making it an ideal choice for all kitchen applications, and enhancing the overall guest experience.

Safety First

  • No need for hot water, eliminating the risk of scalding, as the cleaning process relies on cold water
  • Safe for most metals used in kitchens, including aluminum
  • The in-use solution is non-classified, ensuring a hazard-free environment
  • It eliminates the health risks associated with inhaling caustic fumes, which is common in traditional carbon cleaning processes

Simple & Efficient

  • Effectively cleans broiler parts, oven racks, fry baskets, filters, and more
  • Saves labor and time by softening and lifting grease and baked-on food soils without the need for scrubbing; soaking is all it takes
  • Regular use prevents the accumulation of soil and carbon buildup.
  • An alkalinity indicator empowers users to know when to prepare a fresh solution.

Sustainability at Its Core

  • Utilizes room temperature tap water, eliminating the need for energy-intensive heating
  • Can be used around the clock, seven days a week, for up to four weeks, conserving both chemical and water resources
  • Extends the lifespan of kitchen wares, contributing to sustainability efforts

In the realm of sustainable cleaning solutions, Suma Carbon Remover K21+ is a testament to Diversey’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices. It not only simplifies the cleaning process but also contributes to a greener, more efficient, and safer kitchen environment.

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