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[box type=”shadow” ]Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India and calls for stringent cleaning needs. Sunil Kapoor, Country Manager and Director, Nilfisk India Pvt. Ltd, shares some of the essential cleaning solutions for a pharma unit.[/box]

Unlike cleaning in other manufacturing facilities, cleaning in pharma is more stringent and specific. Pharmaceutical companies mainly require the following types of cleaning:

Scrubbers1) Outdoor cleaning like sweeping of roads, washing of walkways etc. to curtail dust and leaves getting into production facilities and contaminating production, warehouse and laboratories.
Machines for the job: – Manual sweepers, Ride on Road Sweepers and High pressure washers.

2) Office Premises: Office premises of meeting rooms,washrooms and other common areas of pharmaceutical units need to be cleaned and disinfected effectively with a proper plan.
Machines for the job:- Auto Scrubbers, Wet and Dry Commercial Vacuum cleaners, Single Phase High Pressures

3) Production Areas other than clean rooms (like lobby, production offices, change rooms, etc.)
Certain areas of the production facility where material or man movement is allowed with fewer restrictions require regular cleaning with proper disinfectant liquids ,mops and machines.
Machines for the job:- Scrubbers, Ride-on Scrubbers , Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

4) Core Production Areas: (Cleanrooms and packaging rooms)
These are rooms with high standards specifically designed to avoid any type of dust, dirt or foreign particles which can contaminate product or room environment as product will be in direct contact of personnel always.

Utmost care had to be taken while using cleaning machines inside the core production areas, as these can harm the products by way of emission of certain particles due to improper filtration or can leave wet marks while scrubbing which is dangerous and can cause bacteria built up.

[box type=”shadow” ]

Sunil-KapoorWhile the production facility of any pharmaceutical company may be much smaller in comparison to the size of other industries, its challenges are very high needing high standars of maintenance.

– Sunil Kapoor


Another important cleaning work production machine cleaning. After every production cycle, machines are cleaned.

Machines for the job: –

Wet-and-Dry-VacuumsScrubbers, Wet and Dry Vacuums with HEPA Filter, high pressure washers (Sometimes fully electric Hot Water High pressure washers)

5) Warehouse Cleaning:
Pharmaceutical companies keep their warehouse completely closed most of the time with controlled humidity and temperature control and follow regular cleaning process. It is done to keep warehouse atmosphere dust/dirt free. Also machines are used to avoid dust spreading.

Most of the time usage of water is avoided to maintain humidity level in the room.

Machines for the job:- Scrubbers, Dry Vacuum Cleaners.
While the production facility of any pharmaceutical company may be much smaller in comparison to the size of other industries, its challenges are very high needing high standard of maintenance.

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