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Special Pavilion of Thuringia, Germany

[box type=”shadow” ]It was the first time that a special pavilion representing the State of Thuringia, Germany, was set up in the Clean India Show. The German companies exhibited in the Thuringia pavilion were Flanschenwerk Thal, GBneuhaus, medways, Q-Soft, Temca, Gramme-Revit and Arisu. Representing Thuringia, Franziska Döll, Thüringen International/Thuringia International, Director South Asia, shared her experience at the Show. Excerpts:[/box]


Jayaraman Nair, Franziska Döll, Mangala Chandran and Julian Zix

We thank Virtual Info Systems Pvt. Ltd for organizing this wonderful show. It is very well organized and extremely advance Show. We are very happy as everything went off good. The Conferences are also well organized and very well attended.

We as the State Development Organization have arranged to bring six Germany exhibitors from Thuringia to the Show to make a foothold in India. All the companies are very happy to be here. They are looking for customers and distributors and have made good contacts at the Show.

The Show has also served as a point of contact for our existing customers, who represent the companies here in Asia. Few of the companies do have partners in India. Clean India Show has proved to be a very good platform for us.

Presently, we see that the attitude towards cleanliness in India has improved a lot over the past years. We could see the change through the interest visitors are showing in our products. At this Show, we see so many companies participating from the cleaning segment and the Industry is growing. We find the Indian companies very professional.

At the Show, the participating companies have been able to meet with prospective partners. We will use these contacts to improve our stand in India. We are not just aiming at selling the products to the Indian market but we are also looking at someone who can manufacture here in India. In short, we not only want to import but also manufacture in India.

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