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IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s DAM & BIS trolley are ergonomic and professional mopping bucket trolley with double buckets for all types of wet & damp cleaning needs.

Made of premium grade polypropylene, with high quality four smooth and noiseless wheels; it is light weight and highly mobile.

It is efficiently productive and also has good aesthetics. Combined with professional grade ‘Down Press Wringer’ it is the superior mopping choice for any type of surface.

DAM Trolley comes with two caddies-front and back-for holding cleaning items.

BIS trolley comes with one piece of caddy tray which can be fixed to reversible handle and can be used as Caddy tray.

Specifications for DAM TROLLEY

• Four wheels Ø 80mm with bumpers
• New Line / Strong Wringer
• Complete with handles
• Recycled plastic Black is Green™
• Double Bucket 12+18lt


Specifications for BIS TROLLEY

• Four wheels Ø 80mm with bumpers
• New Line / Strong Wringer
• Recycled plastic Black is Green™
• Double bucket
• Reversible handles & tray
• Complete with handle holder
• Double Bucket 25+25lt

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