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Increasing spas across India also increases the need for better and right maintenance programmes. “The feel-good factor could turn into a nightmare to the customer, if the spa is not sanitized and pathogens-free. This is where Aura Spa World excels in providing customers 100% germ-free ambience,” says Kashiff Khan, Chairman.

Aura Spa World has become a trusted name for its clean practices and strict adherence to international hygiene norms. Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation are on top priority at the spas and we follow global sanitation practices and standards. Every product, appliance or tool that comes in contact with a client is disinfected. For example, combs and brushes are dipped into diluted barbicide, a disinfectant, between uses. Employees follow basic practices such as washing towels, cleaning sinks, floors and washing hands.

“Spas and salons need constant cleaning as many chemicals present in hair and nail salons are hazardous to health affecting both the customer and employees. No chemical based products, such as hair dye, should be left unattended, and any chemical spillage should be dealt with immediately. We, at Aura, maintain special disposal norms for aerosols, chemical waste, glass, other sharp objects and recyclable containers. Also, we use products that are completely natural and herbal in nature.

“In spas, sanitation refers to the way the waste sheets, hair clips, cotton pads, etc., are disposed off. It also covers the procedures used to sterilize equipment. Common dangers of poor hygiene and sanitation include passing on parasitic conditions, such as ringworm, head-lice or infections. Hair-stylists, beauticians, beauty therapists and makeup artists all need to follow established health and safety practices, which reflect an environment where cleanliness is taken seriously. This involves maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene as well as keeping their work station clean.

“Managing waste disposal is one of the most important parts of running a beauty business. Applicators, towels and tissues get soaked with products and have often been used on a customer’s skin. Immediate and proper disposal is essential. Collecting used brushes and towels in a secure area prevents cross-contamination. For spas, it is standard to use leak-proof, colour-coded bins for laundry storage, as well as a similar system for chemicals left after nail and hair procedures. Hand sanitizer should be used before touching a customer’s skin. Similarly, all surfaces should be sanitized after every customer. Bins should be emptied regularly.

“Pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms that can cause contamination. Throughout the day, beauty professionals use their hands on different surfaces, including servicing the customers. The customers visiting the salon and spa touch various surfaces such as door handles, chairs and appointment & retail counters. All these could lead to cross contamination.

“There are three types of decontamination – sterilization, disinfection and sanitation. Sterilization is mostly associated with hospital-grade decontamination. Disinfection is the second stage and it controls microorganism growth on various implements used in the spa/salon setting such as metal extractors and metal cuticle pushers, which are known as non-living surfaces. The chemical products used in disinfection often have strong chemical properties and need to be used safely in adherence to safety rules. In spas/salons, hospital-level disinfection is used for bactericides, virucides, and fungicides.

“Sanitation is the last stage of decontamination in the salon setting. It helps to reduce pathogens on living and non-living surfaces such as hands (living) and salon floor (non-living). Sanitation is associated with daily cleaning routine.”

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