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South Eastern Railway to outsource garbage collection

South Eastern Railway Workshop, Kharagpur is planning to outsource shop floor cleaning and removal of garbage from electrical shops. The job basically involves shop floor cleaning. The 410 Metric Tonne garbage or scrap, which comprises metals, foam, reksin etc accumulated during the maintenance process will also have to be segregated for further disposal by the outsourcing agency.

Sita Ram Sinku, Chief Works Manager told Clean India Journal, “We are looking for scientific and mechanised cleaning. Small and bigger components like bearings have to be cleansed of all grease and muck after they are taken out from assembly before inspection and this requires specialized cleaning.”

“It is a small value job. Bigger outsourcing agencies have not been able to take up the job earlier because of the low volume of the work and the workshop being located 115 Kms away from Kolkata is also a big drawback,” he added.

According to the tender document, “The job will also entail cleaning of cemented / bituminous roads/ path ways, toilets & urinals, trimming/cutting of bushes, etc.”

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