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Model: Cyclon Pro-510 Walkbehind Scrubber Dryer


Solution Tank : 50lt
Recovery Tank Volume : 60lt
Vacuum Motor : 1100W
Made of : Unbreakable rotomolded plastics
Brush : 508 mm
Machine versions : Electric cable and battery option with helical gearbox

Application: It can be used for cleaning of large floor areas, especially factories, workshops, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, service centres, industrial canteens, commercial premises, railways platforms, shopping complexes & malls. Different types of brushes and pads can be used depending upon the type of floor and its condition.

Model: IVC 4080

Features: Removes dust, debris, metal shavings, shots, machined waste very fast and efficiently. It is three phase, has 4KW side channel turbine blower, Tangential inlet; Rugged Construction, Large Container Capacity, steel tank & body, Wheels of heavy-duty rubber, container capacity is 80lt (100lt also available), Suction Power of 3160 mm WG, High Airflow of 420 Cu.M/Hr.

Easy to maintain and the container can be removed easily without the use of any tools or without need to lift it. Container is provided with a separate set of wheels to transport and empty the container.

The unit is equipped with a star shaped filter with a large filtering surface of 25,000sqcm which allows uninterrupted cleaning for longer period of time. Additionally, a mechanical filter shaker is provided.

Applications: These machines are excellent for construction sites, automobile service centres and car detailing and cleaning, workshops, wood working factories, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, metal working industries, food and beverage industries, textiles, food, and cement industries, or wherever continuous duty working is required.

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