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Altret Performance Chemicals Gujarat Pvt Ltd, a Surat-based manufacturer of cleaning chemicals has specific solutions for kitchen surfaces and equipment like ovens and grills.

Trends Ovarill is a high performance oven and grill cleaner formulated for removing grime and grease and other burnt-on alkali soluble cooking deposits. For example, protein-containing or caramelised deposits, soot and oil can be treated with this chemical. It is a moderate foaming cleaner that clings and dissolves heavy buildup on grills. It is suitable for use in ovens, convectomates, on kitchen hoods and cookers.

Simple to use, Trends Ovarill available in ready to use containers, can be filled in spray bottles and sprayed on the surfaces of ovens, grills or hoods. Followed by spreading the solution on the surface using a sponge or brush, wherever necessary, allow the chemical to work for five to 15 minutes. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with water.

Trends KMF is a biodegradable concentrated solution for multi-application on all hard surfaces in a kitchen. It can be applied on floors, walls, panels, sinks and also used for dishwashing. It dissolves greasy soils found on kitchen floors. The solution is ideal for usage in dairies, fruits and vegetable processing, milking parlours, meats & poultry hatcheries, grain processing, consumer foods including packaged food and beverages.


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