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Solutions for Indian Street Cleaning

“Our patented technology offer better sweeping solutions to meet Indian sweeping requirement,” say Cristiano Musi, General Manager,  International and Sumeet Khurana, MD-Dulevo India in a brief interview at Pulire Verona.

India Operations

We have presence in India since 2008. With Sumeet Khurana managing our operations very well, the company has grown and we see a lot of opportunities in the future too especially for our industrial line and road sweeper range. We have private and public sector customers.

Presently, India is experiencing a cleaning wave giving us opportunity to play a double role because we have a very strong experience worldwide in providing cleaning solutions for the country, the city, and the village. We are offering a wide range of products, starting from one cubic metre to six cubic metre hopper capacity. With our mechanical sweeper and patented technology, we offer to the customer better service, operations and better suction solutions which are perfect for a country like India.

Dulevo is also a leading player in the Middle East and South America and has established strong presence in Africa too. If we have to put it in number, about 80% of Dulevo-India’s turnover comes from abroad, mainly the Middle-East, Asia and South America. We are really proud and are working closely with our local presence in India to develop products and aim to fulfil local needs.

New Products

 We have launched two products at the Verona Show – mechanical sweeper of 3-cubic metre capacity hopper, which is a unique machine and the only one of its kind in the market. The 6000 Revolution, a 6-cubic metre sweeper with mechanical-suction-filtering system is perfect for road sweeping and cleaning. Both the machines have been tested by the Municipalities of Milan, Hamza and also tested in the Middle East.

Sumeet Khurana: Our technology for sweeping is designed for heavy dust environment and for dry sweeping without using water. This technology in India has been a success and will have success in future too, as the conditions in India are dry with a dusty environment, unlike Europe. Thus, in India, Middle East and South America the requirements are different so the technology Dulevo offers enables speedy street sweeping and dry sweeping with very good quality of filtrations. We have been offering these solutions for Indian roads and that is why we are very optimistic.

Cleaning Technology Week 2016

 We have a lot of expectations in India, as we are launching a new office with warehousing facilities. We are planning to present these machines at the cleaning show in India and also look forward to do demonstrations to show our customers the potential of our technology.

We are planning to produce over 500 machines and India could be an option to manufacture these to cater to the needs of entire Asia.

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