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Smart Waterless Urinals, with no hardware changes!

Uses medicinal oil and natural enzymes

Beyond the concept of preserving the planet’s finite resources, Organica Biotech identified water conservation as a key objective. They have created a Flushfree technology for urinals as part of its OB Care Professional line of goods, with the major benefit being that any urinal can be converted to a waterless design without requiring structural adjustments to restrooms.

This approach was successfully used at the Mumbai-based corporate headquarters of a reputable automotive company.

The Case

The car giant fitted waterless urinals with a cartridge mechanism that included a non-returnable valve as part of its effort to become more environmentally friendly. One alternative strategy for conserving water in urinals is this. Unfortunately, the company began to experience bathroom odour, and in order to solve the issue, they contacted Organica Biotech’s Distributor.

According to the checklist, the distributor went to the location and checked out the restrooms. A problem with the waterless urinal systems was discovered during the examination. There were no other plumbing problems than this one.

The installation of waterless urinals with a cartridge system was found to be the cause of the bathroom odour rather than plumbing problems. These kinds of mechanisms typically result in urine residue accumulating on the cistern walls and overflowing on the floor adding to the smell of the restroom. A terrible atmosphere results from this. Although these systems do reduce water consumption, the odour issue still exists, and as a result, many institutions have abandoned the technology.

The Solution

The client was advised to utilise the OB Care Professional Water Saving Solutions, which included a regular regimen of Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Urinal Drain Cleaner and FlushFree Urinal Spray.

One of the ground-breaking items in the OB Care Professional line that transforms any urinal into a waterless one without requiring any hardware changes is the FlushFree Urinal Spray.

Utilising a scientific blend of plant-derived medicinal oils and potent enzymes that break down urine residue at all locations of accumulation and odour elimination, the FlushFree technology is meticulously engineered to neutralise urine residue. The exclusive blend of plant-derived surfactants guarantees 99.9% germ elimination and continuous preservation of hygiene.

How does it work?

  • It breaks down urine and dirt residue, thus shielding drainpipes and preventing clogging.
  • It prevents ammonia generation, thereby preventing odour issues.
  • It also prevents the growth of germs, hence preventing the spread of diseases.

Coupled with FlushFree technology, the Molecular Sponge Technology adsorbs and neutralises washroom odour thereby creating a pleasant experience.

As a pilot, the client tried the products in a single washroom having 6 urinals, for a period of 15 days. During this time, Organica Biotech’s team trained the janitors on how to use the products with a step-by-step application process.

Application Process:

Step 1 – Disconnect the water supply to the urinal bowl.

Step 2 – Clean the urinal and allow it to dry. One can use OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator or OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean the urinal.

Step 3 – Spray FlushFree Urinal Spray every 2-4 hours (as per washroom traffic) on the walls of the urinals and their surroundings.

Step 4 – Clean the urinal at the end of the day with OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator or OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Step 5 – Dilute 100 ml of the Urinal Drain Cleaner in 1 litre of water.

Step 6 – Pour the diluted solution into each urinal once a week at the end of the day

Result: After the pilot of 15 days, Organica Biotech were handed over all the remaining washrooms to implement the same program.

Certifications: OB Care Professional is natural and safe for a greener environment. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Tested by NABL Accredited Lab, DSIR Approved In-House R&D, GMP Certified.

Organica Biotech has successfully implemented its water-saving solutions in corporate offices, malls, banquets, schools and colleges.

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