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A wide range of bacteria survives through even hand washing, hence the need to find an effective way of drying hands. The ultra quick hand dryers because of their speed of drying do not require users to rub their hands together and are considered by many as the best form of hand drying method. Hand dryers demonstrate a visual and audio commitment to washroom guests and other visitors that the facility takes hygiene factors seriously and care about the patrons. In the current market place, Ultra high speed, automatic dryers that are energy and cost efficient, have captured the hand drying industry. These innovative new systems have pushed the boundaries even further. Automatic hand dryers that do not need to be touched in order to work are considered very hands friendly. This is because touching any surface in the washroom is considered unhygienic because of the notion that bacterium is found on all surfaces around the washroom. In addition, ultra quick hand dryers that quite simply, evaporate the water off a user’s hands without the need of rubbing hands together are also considered as a helping ‘hand’.

Basic warm air hand dryers are still available for the smaller washrooms but because of the technological advances in this field, they are being left behind. Currently, we provide the Blast ultra quick hand dryer which has an unsurpassed drying speed of 10 seconds and uses 1/6th of the energy used by conventional dryers. The cast iron enamel cover is made of 100% recyclable material and made with environment in mind. Due to the design and cast iron enamel cover, the unit is virtually tamper proof thus doing away with the dangers of misuse and vandalism. We are providing solutions to all sectors, including industrial & institutional, building services management, janitorial & cleaning and service industries.



‘Not drying hands at all leads to a significant risk of spreading bacteria… the wetter the hands, the higher the chance of infection getting transferred to other surfaces. Hence the need to have an effective means of drying hands.’
– Matthew Wonnacott, Marketing Manager,  Vectair Systems


Hand dryers can be broadly divided into the conventional Warm Air Hand Dryer and New Generation Jet Cool Hand Dryer. The warm hand dryer is equipped with a heat filament and a large part of the energy is used to heat this filament in the hand dryer. As air passes through, this filament creates the warm effect.

The new generation jet cool hand dryer does away with the need to head the filament, thus conserving on energy to a large extent. This new innovation is known to save 85% energy vis-à-vis the conventional warm hand dryer. This system removes all the water from the hands quickly through a high speed jet stream of up to 200km/h. It takes anywhere between 10-25 seconds to dry hands in such systems. It is claimed to be much faster in drying hands compared to the conventional warm air dryers. Besides, these systems are equipped with drain tank inside to collect droplets of water and the best part of it all is that the hands once washed gets dried by just facing the hands in the blower. Hence it is very hygienic as there is no contact made with anything. Additionally, there is no need to replace any parts and so requires less maintenance.

The Spanish jet cool hand dryer, Veltia, distributed by Aquair is largely being used both in high volume and designer washrooms. Presently, more that 500 installations have been made mostly in commercial high volume washrooms in places like IT parks, five star hotels, etc. The elegant design & colour and Green options of reduced energy consumption add to the ambience of a smart washroom. Another major advantage with Veltia is that it is equipped with Microban® antibacterial protection gel, and is a hygienic addition to normal cleaning practices.


‘Misconceptions of warm air damaging the skin can be ruled out in hand dryers using cool jet air spray’
– Dinesh Nambrath, Director – (PS&M)
Aquair Hygiene Solutions Pvt Ltd


Dirty washrooms ‘could lead to amoeba eye infection’
People could come down with a serious eye infection if they leave their contact lenses in bathrooms or washrooms.

This is according to consultant ophthalmologist Damian Lake, who told the Daily Mail that a parasite named acanthamoeba could lead to total eyesight loss in severe cases. According to the expert, it is most common in standing water, which means bathrooms are a particularly hazardous place for contact lenses.

The news may encourage businesses to purchase an air steriliser to combat washroom germs, as Lake said there is no immune system in the eye, meaning the amoeba can burrow deeper until sight is gone.

KVOA.com recently published an article on the amoeba, commenting that researchers are finding an increasing number of cases of the organism infecting people who do not wear lenses.

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