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Smart hand hygiene solutions for better compliance

Cost-effective design of dispenser

Proper hand hygiene is the best way to avoid transmission of harmful germs and prevent any further infections, yet compliance with hand hygiene guidelines is less than 50% globally. Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd offers a range of products to ensure better hand hygiene at your facility.

CIJ 3/18-1302, CIJ 3/18-1303, CIJ 3/18-1304

Hand sanitisers: These are effective yet mild on hands and are available in 5 litre packaging. It thoroughly cleans and dries hands with cost-effective consumption. 3 ml can be used to disinfect hands on a regular basis, whereas for surgical hand disinfection, only 5 ml of the sanitiser works effectively. Hand wash dispensers: These are made of durable ABS plastic and are available in two colours to choose from that fit your washroom ambience. The dispensers can be refilled using 500 ml/1000 ml disposable cartridge or a refillable reservoir bottle.


  • The multipurpose dispenser can be used with foam as well as a lotion pump with a display window.
  • Compact, durable, UV protected and scratch proof unit design with sleek, subtle curves that provide clean and smooth surfaces and continuous cover to minimize dirt collection at seams.
  • Anti-theft locking mechanism that protects the refills in the dispenser with a user friendly locking system which makes the dispenser easy to open and close without any hindrance to the janitors.
  • Optimised output push bar that gives cost effective shots.
  • One handed push operation that is ADA compliant.

Hand Wash Liquid Soap: This is for effective hygiene and sanitation of hands with a pleasant smell and appropriate moisturisation. It provides adequate foaming with antibacterial properties. Available in 5 litre packaging with a variety of mild and refreshing fragrances to choose from that include Aqua, Cologne, Lemon, Rose and Tulsi.  

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