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Smart Consumers, Smart Solutions


“With Indian GDP crossing USD two trillion, it is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world; hence, we at Revachem are concentrating on catering to the Indian market first.”

Driven by the stringent safety standards, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, growing urbanisation and investments under Make in India, the Indian market for Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Chemicals is growing at around 14.5% against the 4.7% globally. Growing at an even faster pace, Mumbai-based Revachem, a leading Indian cleaning chemical manufacturer, is gearing up to encash the opportunities with a series of new indigenous products. Jigar Shah, Director-Revachem, talks on consumers, chemicals and cost in a brief interview with Clean India Journal.

 The cleaning chemicals’ demand for both – industrial & institutional – has been growing for the last few years. “Considering the huge demand from food processing, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, we are developing a series of new indigenous products to cater to them. The products will be in line with the required compliances and international standards of these industries.”

In the current scenario, besides the industrial demand which is much faster, the institutional growth pattern is equally significant. Greater awareness levels about cleanliness and quality are triggering the demand of professional chemicals in the institutional segment.

Unlike in past, when professional cleaning was restricted to few selected segments such as five star hotels, many industries and institutions are now hiring professional cleaners and allocating budget for cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to increasing awareness, globalization and availability of affordable professional products by Indian companies! Such demand in turn exhilarates local cleaning chemical manufactures to meet international standards.

Creating Awareness

The ongoing Clean India mission in the country is also enhancing the awareness across segments. “We have been participating in Swachh Bharat initiatives in our own capacity. In a recently concluded initiative at the new T2 terminal of Chhatrpati Shivaji Airport we taught young kids about the importance of cleanliness & hygiene and how to keep the surroundings and homes clean. In the process we also covered the taxi drivers in the taxi stands areas around the airport.

“We have made a module on Swachh Bharat Mission a part of our training curriculum. Under the module, we give a brief insight about the program and the necessity to maintain proper cleanliness & hygiene. This helps create awareness.”

Market Segments

In recent times, laundry & kitchen care chemicals have registered remarkable growth, however, housekeeping always leads the demand.

“Keeping in pace, Revachem has launched many eco-friendly cleaners such as General Purpose Cleaners which are non-toxic and meet the demand of food processing Industry.

“Our focus for 2015-16 is to supply specialised chemicals for pharmaceuticals and healthcare segments. We have developed products for these sectors and are expecting FDA certification in couple of months for our new facility at Vapi, Gujarat.”

Cost to quality

“Indian consumers are very smart. Consumers in the organised market are now paying greater attention to quality but are looking for quality products at affordable prices. It is interesting to see that a lot of Indian companies are now able to deliver cost-effective products meeting international standards. This is where Revachem comes into picture and tops the chart.”

New Developments

“Recently, we have come up with new indigenous products such as urinal screens, which were mostly imported until now. We have also developed a range of chemicals to meet the requirement of Automatic dishwasher. Further, we are in the process of replacing manual dosing with the allnew automatic diluters and dosers.

“After one and half years of team work and R&D, we have invented a new machine called R-box.It is a de-carbonisation machine with a combination of mechanical, chemical and electrical applications. The R-box decarbonises all the carbon deposits. As part of the pilot project, we have installed it at Mariott and Four Season hotels in Mumbai.”

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