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SK Intech Metchems Pvt. Ltd – Eco Clean Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner

Eco Clean
Cleaner with a natural food ingredient

Eco Clean_PrioneSK Intech Metchems Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer and exporter of biodegradable and environment-friendly cleaning products consists of Industrial Cleaner, Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner, Office and Home Cleaner, Surface Cleaner, Elevator and Lift Cleaner, Automobile Component Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemical and Solar Panel Cleaner. Eco Clean Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner is a natural and safe vegetable & fruit cleaner. It is 100% organic and a complete food ingredient that eliminates pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, virus, wax and preservatives. Eco Clean can be used as a food additive, disinfectant and preservative. Features

  • Naturally sourced single ingredient i.e. calcium powder
  • 100% safe and organic, a complete food ingredient
  • Also used to clean/sterilize meat, fish, rice, paneer, kitchen appliances in addition to vegetables and fruits
  • Spent solution can be used to water plants, acts as an organic fertilizer
  • Increases freshness and shelf-life of the produce
  • Tested by independent laboratory for various pesticides and bacterial removals
  • 1.5gram sachet is good for 4 to 5 kg of vegetables or fruits
  • Eco Clean Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner is available in a pack of 10 sachets and 30 sachets.


  • Food: Food ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish can be safely disinfected/cleaned
  • Fish: freshness will be enhanced and smell of fish will be suppressed
  • Meat (Chicken): smell of meat will be removed, and texture and taste will be chewy and tender
  • Rice: original taste of rice will be retained
  • Baby products: sterilize baby products like feeding bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, teethers, toys etc.
  • Kitchen appliances: kitchen wares like knife, cutting board can be safely disinfected.

It is FSSAI certified and different from the existing chemical sterilizers that are widely available in the market.

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