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Single Disc Scrubber

Roots Multiclean Ltd offers ROOTSSCRUB HD430 for heavy duty scrubbing, stripping, stone floor restoration, crystallization, polishing and carpet shampooing. It is equipped with efficient high-performance motor.

The HD430 has three-geared motor which assures a smoother motor motion, less noise and vibration-free operations. The metallic handle is specially crafted for fatigue-free, longer and continuous operation and comfortable manoeuvring.

Choice of optional accessories include pad holder, scrubbing brush, carpet shampooing brush and dry foam generator.


  • Heavy Duty motor for high performance & efficiency.
  • Variety of brushes & pads to suit different types of cleaning tasks.
  • Safety Switch to prevent accidental start of the machine.
  • Inbuilt cable holder to store away the cable when not in use.
  • Easy to use adjustable handle.
  • Non-marking wheels for easy transportation.


ROOTSSCRUB HD 430 is an important machine for the hospitality industry, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, housekeeping service providers, specialized service providers (carpet shampooing and floor polishing) and industries for floor cleaning purpose.

Dry Foam generator

ROOTS Dry foam generator is an excellent solution for dry foam generation to clean carpets, upholsteries.

This machine produces concentrated and low moisture dry foam which makes it ideal for easier carpet shampooing. It is compact and when combined with ROOTSSCRUB HD 430 better carpet cleaning results can be achieved. The unique feature of this machine is that, it duplicates as a water tank as well for the single disc machine. Hence the operator need not change the tank, during operation, as it is done in the conventional method.


  • Manual regulating switches to control the air & water levels – Operator can control the amount of moisture and foam, allows for greater ease of usage
  • Higher capacity motor for quick and more concentrated foam generation — supports higher productivity
  • Added internal protection system for safety and reliability


Scrubbing Width 430mm
Brush motor power (W) 1100
Brush Speed 175rpm
Solution Tank (L) 12
Weight 47kg
Total Power (W) 45W
Tank 15lt
Foam Generation Capacity 18 L/min
Weight 5.1kg

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