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Comac India’s PredaTOR of the range-TOR 43 is an innovative orbital single disc machine for wide variety of floor maintenance operations that would otherwise require a specific model of single disc machine.

TOR 43 uses high frequency oscillating action and requires significantly less operator effort than a conventional machine to manoeuvre and hold steady, even when treating particularly difficult floors, which translates to greater productivity. The simplicity of this machine makes it easily usable by any operator, cutting training times and making physical strength no longer a requisite.

The unique roto-orbital action maximises efficacy, for excellent results in less time on any type of floor, even in more delicate materials such as marble, stone, stoneware, terracotta, cement, wood and parquet.

A wide range of accessories is available for applications such as heavy-duty scrubbing, wax removal, crystallisation, polishing and micropolishing.

The lightweight version of the TOR 43 is recommended for cleaning rugs and carpets both with conventional methods and with ionised water. A specific spray kit (available as an option) may be fitted when needed to distribute water or cleaning solution.

Outstanding results may be achieved when polishing wooden floors with the specific abrasive pad holder (optional), which allows the use of double sided abrasive discs.

The wooden floors may be polished or waxed with a microfibre disc at the end of the job.

An optional kit is also available with a vacuum nozzle and splash guard, which collects the already limited quantities of dust produced by the orbital system. The low current absorption of this machine means that it can even be used together with a vacuum cleaner, with both appliances powered by standard mains voltage.

The mobile head of the machine accurately follows the contours of floors with uneven surfaces, for excellent results even when working with floors in marble, stone and cement. The machine may also be fitted with resinoid diamond heads or diamond coated pads to perform polishing or micro-polishing jobs. The specific steel wood pad makes crystallisation quick, easy and effortless.

TOR 43 may also be configured with the main components fastened with a special quick release system (optional). The ability to disassemble the machine makes it easy to transport even in smaller vehicles, such as car derived vans – which are widely used by cleaning contractors – maximising versatility and minimising operator strain.

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