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Single chemical multiple applications

Fogging, cleaning and disinfection of all critical surfaces and medical equipment, especially those that are frequently touched, is important to decrease or prevent the spread of deadly microorganisms to people in healthcare facilities. Dev Gupta, CEO, Sanosil Biotech lists about the multi-functional role Virosil can play in this process.

Multiple applications

  • Mopping critical & semi-critical surroundings in hospitals
  • Used with a ULV fogger machine to disinfect the OT
  • Excellent functionality for laundry and linen disinfection Instrument disinfection product
  • Effective in sanitisation of HVAC systems and AHU units

Chemicals of choice for healthcare

Virosil Pharma is completely safe for personnel as no residue is left behind after fogging; it decomposes into water and nascent oxygen. Thus, there is no requirement for defogging and cleaning of equipment to remove residues, saving a tremendous amount of time.


  • Cold sterilization (oligo-dynamic)
  • Effective on all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and algae, including Coronavirus.
  • Requires no rinsing
  • Non-mutagenic
  • No foul odour
  • No irritation to the eyes

Mechanism of action

The combined action of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate attacks the cell wall of the pathogen upon direct contact. Nascent oxygen denatures the cell wall and disrupts the cytoplasmic stability of the pathogen, thereby neutralising it and rendering it harmless to humans.

Role in operation theatres

Virosil can be used as a fumigant to eliminate hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA and other nosocomial infections. An Operation theater can be made completely sterile in 60 minutes by spraying Virosil, without causing any irritation and not requiring any defumigation, thereby reducing the turnaround time of OTs, which eventually improves profitability.

It is safe to use on all surfaces like floors, walls, tabletops and for disinfecting all critical instruments & equipment in hospitals.

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