Friday , 5 June 2020
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Shake & Wake Dispenser

  • Regular, measured dose of surfactant/disinfectant introduced into the system daily versus manual cleaning product once or twice a day
  • Cleaning of surfaces (including underneath the rim of the toilet bowl) and additional benefit of drain maintenance, especially with urinals
  • Product flushes down with the water, cleaning throughout the system
  • The product contains the inbuilt wick. Fragrance oil is soaked up by the wick and drawn into the air
  • In the presence of the Auto Janitor no other fragrance dispenser needs to install at that location
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 252mm (h) X 113mm (w) x 92mm (d)
  • Dispensing Programmes based on refill life 30 days with 600 ml. Operates with two d-cell alkaline batteries that last up to two years
  • On-way in-line value prevents leakage and combats high water pressure
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