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Concentrated Fragrances – 10 EP An innovative product which gives a burst of fragrance to fabric when the fabric is in use for upto eight to 12 hrs.


Fragrance from the laundered fabric will stay stable through the tumble dry and ironing process. It will stay in washed and dry clothes for upto a week if the washed fabric is not used. It will eliminate fragrance when the fabric/cloth is used by the guest and avoid mild up of the stale.

Fabric refresher 2EP

An innovation of Keva which gives long lasting fragrance on same dosage and at low cost

Liquid Perfume Fabric Spray

This product can be used as fabric perfume and in hotels in smoking rooms/ areas. The ingredients of this products eliminate smoke smell from fabric and room. Simple spray the product on the carpets/ beds/ curtains, linen and any soft furnishing like sofa or head boards etc.

Microfresh 10 EP Spa Special

This product along with fragrance has special antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that will eliminate the oily smell form spa linen and towels and will give them a fresh fragrance when they are in use.

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