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Service providers have embraced new tech

GS Tyagi

GS Tyagi, Executive Director, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers India lists the product and software tools that will become ubiquitous in the coming year, as well as the brand new solutions that have entered the arena.

What services, products, processes and technology will trend in the coming financial year, and why?

  • Smart touchless Visitor Management System
  • Thermal cameras for full body temperature scanning of visitors
  • Destination controlled elevators, lift calling through apps or access control through proximity cards
  • Common office services such as coffee machines, water dispensers, m-fold towel dispensers are being introduced as touchless sensor-based solutions
  • IoT- or AI-ready processes
  • Tech-enabled cafeteria and transport management services
  • Ultraviolet air filtration/Covid protocol management at the workspace
  • Hybrid workplace culture
  • More visibility of FM team members in organisations and their recognition

Post-pandemic, while most organisations are pushing for return-to-office, all the above are required to maintain the health and safety of the staff and clients. They will ensure that the office premises are being constantly monitored, all the equipment, machinery, electric and mechanical utilities are constantly inspected/sanitised at regular intervals and any hazardous waste is safely disposed of.

Apart from these, what completely new solutions do you expect to be introduced in India?

Air-quality management through Merv-13 filters or UV filtration systems to keep air quality within the office or complex in check will be widely used. Thermal cameras with more accurate details are expected to be used widely. UV baggage scanners will score big with users and business owners alike, as will touchless solutions for daily routine activities like tea/coffee dispensing machines, water dispensers and cafeteria order placement apps.

How have you started introducing and implementing any or all of the above at your own facilities?

All technologies and processes supporting touchless functions such as VMS, sanitisation, e-checklists & feedback mechanism, touchless temperature checks through infra-red guns/cameras, workplace solutions to book meeting rooms and conference rooms are being used actively at our client sites and premises.

Have service providers embraced these solutions?

All service providers in the market are geared up for the challenge. Training is being emphasised on how to maintain individual safety and efficiency at work in order to ensure business continuity. FM providers are going all out to ensure better technology tools are implemented, ensuring safety for everyone.

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