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Industrial Cleaning

The market for mechanized cleaning is growing at a growth rate of CAGR 39%. Latest trends in the industrial cleaning solutions that were deliberated during the seminar were sand/dry ice blasting, foam cleaning, pressure cleaning, splash-free cleaning and ultrasonic high pressure cleaning among others.

Andrea Moro, Owner, TSM, spoke on the technical aspects of industrial sweepers highlighting attributes of mechanized cleaning like higher coverage performance per manpower working hour, lower cost per square metre, dust control with filtering systems. The machines find application in municipalities, railways, malls and airports.

Sunil Kapoor, National Sales Manager, Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd explained on High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning, highlighting aspects like one step method and two step method of cleaning with spraying and prespraying detergents respectively, which find applications in pharma, automotive, hospitality, agriculture sectors.

Sachin Surie, Director, Surie Polex spoke on concrete polishing and maintenance of concrete polished floor. He explained the maintenance programme for floor which requires understanding the facility, floor type and the traffic. Frequency of maintenance again depends upon the usage, type of traffic and shine expectation.

Deepak Baluja, Director, Final Technologies Pvt Ltd said that requirement of flat floors is increasing in India. Indian concrete known as complete floor requires surface protection. Techniques require consolidation of concrete with special hardener.

S. Shekhar, Regional head-South, Forbes Pro CTS talked about the use of central vacuum cleaners, dust collectors and metal/small particles extractors for applications in industries like cement, food processing, textile, pharma etc.

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