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Self awareness is the only solution

Cleanest City: As I travel around the world for my music concerts, I have had the chance to visit some of the beautiful cities. Switzerland is one of those which is amply blessed with natural beauty. A stroll around the city or public places like garden, park, roads and even the transport systems gives clear picture of the maintenance and cleanliness practices. The credit goes to the locals and the authorities equally. Even Paris is very beautiful and spotless. Champs Élysées (Paris), a prestigious place famous for its specialty shops, has to be given a special mention. Despite being a tourist spot in Paris, it is amazingly clean and very well-maintained.

In India, I feel Chandigarh is very beautiful and one of the cleanest cities we have. Kerala is equally beautiful and green. In India, the problem is, despite everyone knowing that spitting spreads disease and garbage has to be thrown in the litter bins, people still spit and throw waste, left-over food and wrappers mindlessly on the road and in public places. You can’t blame the authorities for this. Some of the airports in India are so badly maintained, thereby damaging the image of the country. The whole problem is with our attitude. When something does not affect one directly or indirectly, he or she is least bothered.

Cleanliness does not mean only tidying up your home or your office. Cleanliness and hygiene cannot be taught in classrooms; you cannot compel anybody to practise cleanliness. You can, at the most, request a person to stop littering or spitting in public places. Above all, it has to come from within. I was introduced to the concept of cleanliness and hygiene by my parents. And, I still follow what I learnt from them. Now, my wife Radhika ensures everything is in order and well maintained at home.

At work, you cannot be choosy about the workplace. At studios, at times, the surroundings are pleasant and at times, they are very bad.

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