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Securing leadership in emerging markets

“In Nilfisk-Advance, we are committed to raising the bar in cleaning standards. We believe that the increased automation of cleaning processes, innovative products and services, and an increased environmental focus, contribute to improving quality of life. In fact, improving quality of life is the key element in our Mission Statement and the basis of everything we do,” says Sunil Kapoor, the new Country Manager of Nilfisk India.

With company turnover exceeding €870m and Group turnover of over €2 billion, Nilfisk, a part of NKT group, is one of the largest companies in the world for cleaning solutions having more than 10 strong brands and 3000 products.


“Headquartered at Brøndby-Denmark and set up in 1906, Nilfisk came to India in 2008 and started full-fledged direct operation in 2011 with dedicated service, sales and support team spread across the country. With strong direct team and dealer network, Nilfisk India focuses on five main areas of action; we call them our ‘Must Win Battles.’

• Develop best customer satisfaction

• Reduce complexity

• Secure leadership in key emerging markets

• Develop strong culture and excellent leadership skills

• Meet customers’ delivery expectations

• Finally to become ‘Customers’ preferred Choice’

“It’s all about customers, people, performance, professionalism and quality. Our mantra for cleaning solutions – ‘Green Meets Clean’ – is based on cleaning efficiency using less energy, less water and less detergent. Our focus comprises the following: Commercial Buildings, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Building and Construction, Heavy Manufacturing, Food, Pharma, Textile, Cement Industry, Automotive, and Facility Management Companies.

“We have a long term commitment and believes that ‘Responsibility begins with our behaviour.’ With wider market reach and broad product portfolio, we plan to reach all markets with specific application based solutions.

Brand Presence

“Out of the 10 strong brands we have launched, four like Nilfisk Advance, Nilfisk Alto, Nilfisk CFM and Viper in India and to best suited to the market and applications. We have selected models that we promote in India. Some of our most trusted models are Dry Vacuum Cleaner GD930, Wet-n-Dry Vacuum Cleaner series VL500, Scrubber Driers CA551, CA450, SC50. Our Eco Flex System in Scrubber Driers is an innovation which substantially saves detergent and water cost with maximum performance.

Futuristic Plan

“Nilfisk offers a range of all the cleaning products. You might see Nilfisk machines running at the airports, commercial and industrial premises. Professional / Commercial business is our main plan. Having said that we have plans for growing progressively, improving the turnover and so the resources by 35% on year-on-year basis. At Nilfisk, strategy has one overall key focus: Our Customers.”

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