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Second day of HPMF celebrations

HPMF is today a group of 1,500 procurement professionals spread across India. “We have chapters now in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi and Goa. In fact, we have crossed borders, and are setting up the chapter in Dubai. We already have 98 members and will we will be launching the chapter in January next year,” Nitin Nagrale said in the opening session of the second day.

With the vision to change the way hospitality purchasing is viewed, Nitin Nagrale is steering the procurement fraternity on the path to success with the compass of knowledge and direction.

With a strong focus on knowledge sharing, networking and B2B interaction, the sessions of the second day saw some unique topics discussed, including a farmer Ram Kumar Karb speaking about organic food and eco-friendly sugar, Pankaj Mehta on being a Game Changer and Mala Singh on Green Hotels. The highlight of the day was a successful round of B2B meetings.

Making the day a memorable one, the entire delegation travelled to Mathania about 75km away from the Indana Resort, where the seven Sarpanchs (village heads) who are managing over a 35,000 population were felicitated along with the seven stars of HPMF. The unbelievable spectacle was the evening programme at the Thar Resort where over 600m area of dessert was transformed to replicate a village fair with meticulously planned food stalls of local cuisine, alcohol in earthen glasses, music and dance with a local flavour and a seating under the open sky and sand flooring… a perfect display of hospitality in its ultimate crescendo.

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