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Scrubbing, Shampooing, Polishing Machines

The CYCLON SUPER-4 from Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd. is a 4-speed single disc scrubbing machine which makes it a unique and versatile machine for all applications relating to floor maintenance jobs, floor restoration of marble & granite and carpet shampooing jobs. This machine can operate at 120 RPM, 150 RPM, 200 RPM & 300 RPM, thereby giving best results for every operation at the ideal output speed. The machine is powered by a 3HP motor and fitted with triple planetary high torque transmission gear mechanism which makes it very powerful, highly durable and most suitable for rugged conditions.

The large brush /pad diameter of 430mm enables the machine to complete larger areas in lesser durations to increase the efficiency. With such a powerful motor, this machine can use five polishing discs instead of the conventional three discs so that marble or granite grinding can be done at a faster pace. It is ideal where different maintenance applications need to be performed so that one machine can do the job of different machines. Cyclone Super-4 is excellent for hotels, airports, commercial complexes, corporate offices, factories, industrial kitchens and shopping malls.

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