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Besides vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers are being used widely for floor care in most industries, be it hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing or retail. Scrubber-dryers of different shapes, sizes and specifications customised to suit different applications in these industries have evolved to accommodate the growing demands in new and growing sectors. In the following pages, Clean India Journal discusses on what scrubbers are, how they differ and where they are suitable.

As cleaning machines are evolving to enhance its applications, newer segments are resorting to cleaning equipment & solutions to make a lead in their business. Where a hotel of over 100 beds use scrubber dryers to clean a large expanse effectively and efficiently, a small restaurant of even 1000sqft look at scrubbers as an ideal way to clean floors. A smart alternative to mopping floors, scrubber dryers leave floors clean and spotless; thus, creating an added attraction for a customer to step into the restaurant.

Apart from the two broad models of walk behind and ride on, scrubber dryers today are also categorised as small and big in accordance to its application, expanse and reach. Boutique hotels & hospitals, maternity homes, restaurants, corporate offices, spas, old age homes, religious places… are some of the new users of scrubber-dryers today.


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